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We call it Bookworms because this active class lays the foundation for reading. Whether your child needs help learning their letter sounds or your busy preschooler is gearing up for school, this is the class for building pre-literacy and Kindergarten Readiness skills. Kindergarten Readiness means “learning-ready” – so no matter their age your child will be prepared for academic success and ready to enjoy learning. It’s the perfect way for your curious kid to have fun mastering letters, phonemes, colors, shapes, numbers, math, comparisons, and more in an energetic setting. Give your child a firm foundation for their educational career with Bookworms!

(Developing readers)

Help your child improve essential reading skills and become an enthusiastic reader! Using our special “Build-a-Book” app, each student creates their own take-home novel while playing games and exploring language. This program closes skill gaps of individual students as they also increase their comprehension and confidence. We focus on building reading and writing skills including fluency, phonemic awareness, word decoding, rhyming, sentence structure, the components of a paragraph, and the elements of a story. Give your child a boost in their reading abilities with Novel!

(Advanced readers)

The BookClub is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to offer advanced skill building to your budding reader in a fun and interactive environment. Our students dive into books and interact with literature concepts in a group setting. Your child will build executive function skills including reading comprehension, critical thinking, memory, and problem solving as they participate in group discussions and activities. Students use our unique “Build-a-Book” app to summarize themes and review their novels in a high concept book report which is printed and bound in a book format keepsake. Give your growing reader the joy and amusement of exploring literature with friends!

(All abilities)

We offer private tutoring in all subject areas for students, ages 3-18, who need one-on-one specialized instruction. If your child has trouble learning and making progress in a group setting, is above the age for our small group programs (12), or needs assistance in an area other than reading, this program is for them.

We offer tutoring in Reading, Spelling, Language Arts, Literature, History, Math, Science, Japanese, Economics, Social Studies, and more. Private tutoring sessions are scheduled 1-3 times a week, 1 hour each, and discount packages for on-going tutoring are available. 

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