Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room Loves to Collaborate with Teachers!

Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room serves as a community resource for educators. We strive to support teachers and enrich the skills students are learning in their classrooms. We use highly interactive teaching tools that work well with many learning styles. While teachers may have limited time or resources to work with individual students, we can focus specifically on reading skill gaps. As students grow in confidence and skill level, they move more quickly through reading programs and are more likely to actively engage in classroom settings or serve as peer mentors. Team up with Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room:

  • Refer parents to us as part of a student learning plan or enrichment opportunity.
  • Contact us after referring a student to Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room. Students benefit when teachers work together to build reading skills.
  • Offer parents a Free 2 Week ClassPass during parent-teacher conferences. 
  • Contact Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room to learn about how you can use our programs in your classroom!

"How well does your current reading program work with active children at varied skill levels?"

"Are your current skills assessment tools effective, easy to use, and fun for your students?"

"Do you feel that your students enjoy activities that work with letters, sounds, reading, and writing?"

Bring Us to Your School

Let's work together to give every student in your classroom their best chance to succeed!

What To Expect

You will be able to clearly communicate to parents and the community the skills acquired at each grade level. Teachers will be equipped and empowered to meet their students’ needs. Parents will see and hear from their enthusiastic readers!

Our goal is to partner with schools to give each individual child the opportunity to become a thriving student. We can work together to quickly boost reading levels with our innovative, multi-sensory approach. Help us fill your school with successful readers.

Our program includes:

For Teachers

  • Bookworm Program Licensing (Kindergarten Readiness)
  • Novel Program Licensing (K-5th grade remediation)
  • Teacher guide & lesson plans
  • Classroom supplies
  • Pre/post assessments
  • Back office reporting software
  • Central office support & quality assurance services

For Students

  • iPads preloaded with our custom Build-a-Book app
  • Screening tools and games
  • Book publishing
  • Pre/post assessments
  • Manipulatives

Free Trial Class for Your Students

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