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Bookworms is our dynamic Learning Readiness program for children who are not yet reading. Our innovative teaching methods use a blend of technology and hands-on techniques to lay the foundation of strong reading skills and success in school. Bookworms will prepare your child to be a confident learner!

At Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room, we know that learning happens best when it is hands-on and highly interactive. Your child will learn to identify letters and their sounds while building Kindergarten readiness skills such as number, math, and comparative concepts… but don’t be surprised if your child just tells you about how much fun they are having!  We may be building letters with clay one day, or drawing math problems in shaving cream the next. At Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room, we know how to keep learning fun with lots of music, movement, and hands-on activities. Call us to enroll your child today!

(Developing readers)

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Our Novel program is the perfect way to help students improve their reading skills, build confidence, come to truly enjoy reading, and become well-prepared for a lifetime of learning. Students will grow their vocabulary, improve fluency, and build skills in reading comprehension.  We teach story mapping, sequencing, and sentence structure as each child becomes an author and illustrator, creating their own novel with our Build-a-Book app. Your child will be especially proud to share the finished product- a published novel to take home and keep forever.  

What will your child learn in our Novel Program? We blend technology and activities to teach skills such as:

  • vocabulary.
  • phonics (sounding out words).
  • reading comprehension.
  • reading fluency (reading out loud confidently in a natural pattern without hesitation).
  • sight-reading.

Help your child improve essential reading skills and become an enthusiastic reader. Call us to enroll your child today!

(Advancing readers)

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Our BookClub Program is designed for children reading at 2nd-5th grade levels. Students dive into books and interact with literary concepts in a group setting. Your child will participate in discussions and activities, building skills in reading comprehension, critical thinking, and problem solving.

BookClub helps your child with organizing thoughts and ideas, while building vocabulary and developing the concepts of executive function. These concepts include:

  • comparing and contrasting.
  • identifying details and main ideas.
  • summarizing.
  • identifying facts vs. opinions.
  • making inferences and drawing conclusions.
  • identifying clues and foreshadowing.
  • developing new ideas.
  • independent thinking.

Give your growing reader the joy and amusement of exploring literature with friends! Call us to enroll your child today.

Private Tutoring
(All ages)

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Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room hires and trains teachers of the highest caliber. These specialists are available to your children outside of the group class setting for one-on-one tutoring sessions. But we know your child studies more than just literature in school.

Need homework help? How about a math tutor? We even have certified special education teachers and experts in science and Japanese. All the help you need can be found at Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room.

We offer single session tutoring services whenever you need. You may also choose to take advantage of the savings built into our 24 and 32 session packages for more consistent tutoring services. With flexible scheduling and payment options, a tutor is waiting for every child.

Giving Your Child Their Best Chance to Succeed

Your child’s learning, from as young as age 3 all the way through 6th grade, will progress more rapidly with the innovative teaching methods and technology-based tools developed by Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room.

What To Expect From Our Reading Programs

Hundreds of children in our community have already become better readers, better learners, and had fun doing it! At Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room, our certified teachers use scientific, research-proven methods, including phonics, word segmentation, and story mapping, in active and technology-driven ways.

Focused Play + Advanced Technology = Faster Learning

Our small group classes are open to children ages 3 to 12 and each class involves movement, music, and technology, including iPads. During each session students move through a series of four brightly-colored rooms, in which they participate in dynamic activities that focus on different reading skills. Our students gain self-confidence, interpersonal skills, and a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom.

Our Classes Explore

  • High Frequency Words
  • Spelling/Grammar
  • Phonemic Segmentation
  • Phonemic Blending
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Pronunciation
  • Expressive Language Skills
  • Motor Speech Skills
  • Formatting Sentences
  • Organizational Skills

"Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room program was instrumental in helping my kids become confident, inquisitive readers. They make reading fun, help the kids set goals and achieve them. My children all look forward to reading today because of it!"

Kimberly K.

Progress With Mrs. Myers' Reading Room

At Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room we measure improvement in our students reading skills including phonics (sounding out words), vocabulary, and comprehension. We often see progress in our students after just 3 weeks! We tracked our students for the summer of 2015, and they averaged over 100 new words each month. Our skills assessments are fun and game-like, which reduces anxiety for students, and increases accuracy. Each new student receives an initial skills assessment, which helps our teachers identify areas of focus and progress for each individual. Progress is then evaluated mid-term, and again at the conclusion of each 6-month session. When measuring a variety of reading skills, we see traditional and “worksheet”- based reading programs average only a 3% improvement vs. an average 25% improvement with the highly engaging Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room method.

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