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8 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Succeed at Distance Learning

Thanks to technology, learning and attending classes no longer need to be confined within the four walls of a traditional classroom. Distance learning has become a viable alternative even for young students today. This is especially true since remote learning institutions offer a lot in terms of convenience and flexibility.

Distance learning options provide education to students who are not physically present on the school campus. With internet access, online courses allow students to access course materials, and interact with other students and teachers.

As a parent, there are ways you can help your little one succeed at distance learning. Here are some tips that will help you do just that:

Be involved in your child's distance learning activities and assignments

Your involvement as a parent plays a vital role in your child’s online academic success. You can get involved by asking your child about the subject matter or assisting with completion of assignments as needed. Ensure that children are getting the support and guidance they need.

Establish a daily routine for your child

Just as with any other type of schooling, following a daily routine is the key to success when it comes to distance learning as well. Children need to be disciplined enough to study independently and complete assignments without constant supervision from parents. Help kids develop good study habits by establishing a regular routine at home. Your child’s daily schedule should include times set aside for studying, breaks, snacks, and meals.

Help your child develop good study habits

One of the challenges many students face when they participate in distance learning is being responsible for their own learning and academic tasks. Help your child develop good study habits by setting a routine for studying. Be clear about expected study times, breaks, and mealtimes.

Also, help children focus on their distance learning studies by limiting distractions at home. This can be done by limiting screen time, games, and any other distractions during study hours.

Encourage independence

During distance learning, students are often required to work independently and take responsibility for their learning. Encourage your child to be independent and resourceful. As much as you may want to be there all the time and make things easier for your little one, it’s important to provide some room for self-reliance. Try to give your child a chance to figure things out independently and only provide support when needed.

Teach time-management skills

Since distance learning usually requires more self-discipline than traditional school, students need to utilize good time management skills. Help your child learn how to balance schoolwork with other activities by setting realistic deadlines for completing assignments.

Help your child stay organized

Another key component of successful distance learning is organization. Help children stay organized by providing a designated place for schoolwork and by setting aside time each day to complete assignments and to study.

Encourage your child to take breaks

Just  as children need breaks when attending school in a traditional classroom setting, it is also important for distance learning students to take breaks between classes and studying. Encourage children to take regular breaks for ten to fifteen minutes so they can grab a snack or step outside for some fresh air. Taking a breather will help ensure that kids don't get overwhelmed and helps to prevent fatigue.

Create a nurturing distance-learning environment at home

The success of your child’s distance learning depends largely on the support system and environment you provide at home. Parents need to create an atmosphere in which distance learning is encouraged, supported, and motivates children throughout their educational journey. This entails providing your child with proper distance-learning resources, tools, and equipment.

Virtual or distance learning has become more popular with the advent of technology. With adequate support, encouragement, and guidance, students who participate in distance learning can be just as successful as those in a more traditional school setting.

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