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“I’m a mother of three, and when my youngest son, Tysen, was two years old, he was not speaking. We made all sorts of excuses, like hoping that his delay was because his older brother and sister were speaking for him. One day, at a dental appointment, the dentist asked about Tysen not talking yet. I told my her that I was a little concerned, but wasn’t sure what to do or who to ask. This dentist said, “There is this lady in town, she is fantastic. Her name is Tammy Myers and she’s an amazing speech pathologist.” So I decided to make an appointment with her. Tysen was diagnosed with a neurological speech disorder called Childhood Apraxia. This was a serious diagnosis, because some children with this disorder never learn to speak audibly, but instead use devices, sign language or tablets.

"Apraxia is a frustrating disorder for a child. Tysen could completely understand us but didn’t have the muscle coordination to say the words, even though he thought he was. He started working with Mrs. Myers three days a week for 30 minute sessions, and she taught me how to work with him at home, which I did for 2-4 hours each day. He started with basics like making sounds to pronounce the beginning of letters. It was very intense, but Tammy made the sessions so much fun with her warm way of engaging him and lots of interaction and activity.

"We were thrilled with his progress, and a surprising side effect of him learning to speak was that he also learned to read!  He was reading simple sentences by the time he was three years old. He was reading very well by four and reading chapter books by five. Looking at him now, you would never know that he wasn’t speaking at two. He enjoys learning because of the foundation given to him early on.  He has since moved up a grade and enjoys advanced learning in math and science. I am incredibly thankful for my dentist, Tammy Myers, and the support of my family.” - Kimberly Silverstein