Our Vision
Successful Readers Become Successful People

Our Mission
We give children the confidence to succeed through our innovative program producing a strong ability and desire to read.

Welcome  to Reading  fun!

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Saturday  by appointment
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Novel & Bookworm programs  
9 Week Sessions   

     Mrs. Myers' Reading Room SM 
6233 Durand Avenue, Suite C      Racine, WI 53406      262-456-2384
Happy Spring!
Share the love of spring...  Give the joy…
the joy of reading!



 Reading Tips

1. Play. Read your child's story with an over emphasized  and excited voice. Do not be afraid to use silly voices. Smiling and laughing makes reading fun!
  • Have your child read the same story imitating each sentence wit the same animated or silly voice that you used. 
  • Try using different voices for the same sentence, so that your child is not "over-thinking" the reading, but instead focusing on the "play" using fun activities. Puppets are great for this. Even the instant puppet from a paper lunch bag or a smelly sock just pulled off of a foot can be fun. 
2. Be polite. Watch for the "word bandit". Let your child finish a sentence BEFORE correcting him. When correcting your child's reading, show them the word, break it down by sound or syllable. Then always encourage reading the sentence again, so that your child ends the reading activity with a positive, successful finish. 

3. Think out loud. Sometimes reading comprehension is overlooked because it is easy to focus on how words are pronounced instead of how well kids understand the story. Encourage your child to connect to the story based upon past experiences, previously read stories or people in their life. Ask thoughtful questions like "What do you think will happen next?" or "What would Buzz Light year say to your grandma?"

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Mrs. Myers' Reading Room is an

energetic, after school

reading program for children 3 to 12

 years old. We build on

traditional methods, using today's

 technology along with

physical movement to make reading fun.

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