Reading Tutoring for Elementary & MIddle

What if one of my children is advanced while another another has delayed reading skills?

One of the unique benefits of our programs is that we are able to engage and work with children at all reading levels. If you have children at varied reading levels, we are an ideal resource for your family.

Do we need to bring anything to class?

Don’t worry about it, all supplies are provided by Mrs. Myers’ Learning Lab.

How long is each class?

Students come for 50 minutes, twice a week.

Do you work with my child’s school teachers?

Yes, we are happy to communicate and work directly with your child’s teacher. While you will be updated directly on your child’s progress, many parents find it helpful to have MMLL partner with their school or teacher with updated goals, assessments, and progress reports.

Are your classes offered only after school?

No, we offer classes during the day AND after school hours. Daytime classes are a valuable and fun opportunity for preschool-aged children and home-school students to grow their skills, socialize, and supplement their learning.

Additional summertime programming is also available to keep children active in their learning during the long break from school and combat that “summer learning slide”.

How does payment work? Are there payment plans available?

Some of our customers choose to pay in full when they enroll, while others choose weekly or monthly billing options. We have several flexible payment and billing options, so you choose what works best for your family and budget.

How long should I expect my child to be in your program?

One session runs for six months, but you can expect to see results from our program in as little as three weeks! Because every child is unique, the number of sessions they participate in with our program varies. As a student moves toward reading competency, we meet with parents to discuss their progress and project their next learning achievements.

How do you measure my child's success?

We want all children to be competent readers so they have a strong foundation for learning. Students progress through 25 levels of reading competency. When they reach level 25, they have mastered the skills to read anything! We also compare our internal assessment results to those of their school’s standardized assessments to measure growth and success.