Developing Readers

Mrs Myers Reading Room

At Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room, we specialize in fun, interactive classes for developing readers. Our engaging process leads to students gaining self-confidence, interpersonal skills, and a love for learning that extends far beyond the classroom.

Every teacher on our team is certified in our dynamic learning methods which encompass a multi-sensory, proven approach that focuses on learning through sight, sounds, and physical interaction. We call this combination of best practices the "Myers' Method" (patent-pending).

Each small group class never exceeds more than seven children and is open to children ages 3-12. During each session, students participate in hands-on activities that focus on a variety of different reading skills. We offer flexible scheduling, attendance, and payment options to help meet your needs.

Mrs. Myers' Reading Room programs are designed to meet the specific needs of each learner.

Program Types

(Kindergarten Readiness)

We call our Kindergarten Readiness program "Bookworms" because this active class lays the foundation for reading and learning. With this class your child will be prepared for academic success with knowledge of letter sounds, numbers, basic math concepts, fine motor skills, social skills, and other foundational learning concepts. This is the program for building pre-literacy and learning readiness skills, so that no matter his or her age your child will be prepared for academic success and ready to enjoy learning! Give your child a firm foundation for their educational career with Bookworms!


Our Bridge Program "bridges" our Bookworm and Novel Programs by solidifying the skills necessary to blend letters (particularly vowels) together and form words, helping students master those letters and letter sounds. We think of it as “bridging the gap" between kindergarten readiness and the foundations of literacy necessary for elementary learning. Strengthening this foundation in students prepares them for independent reading, writing, and life-long learning.


Help your child improve essential reading skills and become an enthusiastic reader! Using our special “Build-a-Book” app, each student creates their own take-home novel while playing games and exploring language. This program closes skill gaps of individual students as they also increase their comprehension and confidence. We focus on building reading and writing skills including fluency, phonemic awareness, word decoding, rhyming, sentence structure, the components of a paragraph, and the elements of a story. Give your child a boost in their reading abilities with Novel!

Interested In Our Free Trial Classes?

Register today for a free Class Pass! We have a calendar of classes for you to choose from for your trial. This special one week Class Pass allows new students to take up to 2 classes over a one week period. While it usually takes 3-4 weeks to see significant progress in reading skills, we find this is a perfect way for students to discover the joy of reading at Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room. After enrollment, we will assess your child’s reading skills to identify skill gaps and opportunities for growth.
Developing Readers