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Mrs Myers Educational Services

Implement innovative reading and math programs at your school, community center, or other civic organization. All you need is to consistently engage with your boys & girls. We will train your teachers in the Myers' Intervention Method™ and ready-to-use curriculum so you can provide the instruction at your site with our support.

Mrs. Myers’ Education Services is a community-wide resource for educators. We strive to support teachers and enrich the skills students are learning in their classrooms. We use highly interactive teaching tools that work well with many learning styles. Teachers with limited time and resources to work with individual students can focus specifically on reading and math skills gaps with the resources from MMES. As students grow in confidence and skills, they move more quickly through reading and math programs and are more likely to actively engage in classroom settings or serve as peer mentors.

Team up with Mrs. Myers’ Education Services!

  • Each of our Programs (Mrs. Myers' Reading Room & Mrs. Nason's Nifty Numbers) can be offered through pull-out or push-in services in the implementation of our licensed, patent-pending intervention curriculum.
  • Built on a foundation of student-centered teaching, licensing of our intervention curriculum includes comprehensive training for teachers with on-going support and observation from degreed, licensed, experienced teachers.
  • We offer ratios of no more than 7:1 per class for group programming.
  • Every instruction cycle uses pre-prepped, ready-to-use teaching materials that include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities.
  • Group programs are appropriate for children ages 3-12.
  • Students can qualify for these services through us long before their scores would be low enough to qualify for an IEP through their school district.

Contact Mrs. Myers’ Education Services to explore options for implementing the Myers Method in your school!

  • (262) 500-3475

The MMES program includes:


For Teachers

  • Mrs. Myers' Reading Room - Literacy Intervention Program Licensing

    • Bookworm (Pre-Literacy/Kindergarten Readiness)
    • Bridge (1st-2nd Grade)
    • Novel (2nd-5th Grade)
    • Bookclub (Higher Order Skills)
  • Mrs. Nason's Nifty Numbers - Math Intervention Program Licensing
    • Explorers (1st-2nd Grade)
    • Navigators (2nd-4th Grade)
    • Engineers (4th-6th Grade)
  • Teacher guide & lesson plans
  • Classroom supplies
  • Pre/post assessments
  • Back office reporting software
  • Central office support
  • Support for school accreditation
  • Continuing education and quality assurance services

For Students

  • iPads preloaded with our custom Build-a-Book app
  • Screening tools and games
  • Book publishing
  • Pre/post assessments
  • Ready-to-use manipulatives
  • The opportunity to explore their own interests
  • Increased confidence and a love of reading!

How Can We Fund This?

The Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP) allows a student with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) who meets certain eligibility requirements to receive a $12,000 state-funded scholarship to attend participating private schools.

Title I and Title II (ESSA) funds are based on the free or reduced price status of the students in your school, regardless of whether or not you cooperate with the National School Lunch Programs.

Our goal is to partner with your organization to give each individual child in your care the opportunity to become a thriving student. We can work with your interventionists to quickly boost reading and math levels with our innovative, multi-sensory approach. Help us fill schools with successful readers.