About Us

Mrs. Myers Reading Room Racine

Our team started with Tammy Myers, Speech and Language Pathologist, and Kimberly Silverstein, MBA. For the last 25 years, Tammy Myers has been using a unique method that she created and has since patented. The Myers’ Method combines multiple traditional proven methods of learning with modern researched best practices to form an innovative, state of the art program that helps children in all walks of life with a variety of needs!

What is Different About Mrs. Myers’ Learning Lab?
Our innovative small group programs are framed around children’s natural high energy and individual interests, technology, music, and games. Your child will engage in reading and learning activities that feel like play! Learning this way expedites results.

All children can be happier, more successful, and confident learners, no matter their current reading level. That’s the promise the certified teachers of Mrs. Myers’ Learning Lab make to you and your child. 100% of students who have enrolled in Mrs. Myers’ Learning Lab have shown growth, many have shown significant growth, compared to their peers not enrolled.

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