Math Development

Mrs Myers Nifty Numbers

Our ‘Nifty Numbers’ Math Program encompasses fun, interactive techniques through our small-group classes. All of our certified teachers utilize a multi-sensory approach that keeps students actively engaged throughout each 60 minute class.

Each small group class has no more than seven children, which is optimal for individual attention and guidance from our teachers. 

Our numeracy program as a whole focuses on mathematical concepts along with student interaction through problem-solving tasks. Students in our math program get the chance to use modern technology by writing and illustrating their own problem-solving book in our patent-pending build-a-book app which we then print out and give to our students to keep.

Whether it be adding and subtracting, vocabulary, mastering multiplication and division, or even dealing with fractions and decimals, we are confident that we have a math program built for every child’s needs!

Program types


In Explorers, our students investigate numbers 0-20, building fact fluency around addition and subtraction. Along with exploring these numbers, students also dive into mathematical vocabulary which better equips them for solving word problems. Our Explorers class puts an emphasis on telling time and investigating with money, both of which help lead to real world application. We EXPLORE basic levels of geometry, such as shape identification, helping students recognize shapes in the world around them.


In Navigators, students learn to fluently add and subtract MULTI-DIGIT numbers. Students navigate multiplication and division by manipulating groups of objects, and determining the connection to numbers and how they relate to the real world. Problem solving in the Navigators program includes multi-step word problems across all 4 operations. Navigator students learn how to build and calculate area and perimeter of shapes through hands-on activities. The project-based learning approach in this specific program is what helps create a fun and interactive learning environment.


In Engineers, our students dive into the properties of multi-digit multiplication and division. Engineer students also learn the relationship between fractions and decimals, along with learning how to add and subtract both. Students get a chance to experience real world application through a hands-on investigation into converting measurements. Our Engineer program wraps up enrollment by giving students the opportunity to combine all of their learned math concepts, and using them to complete a personalized project that reflects the use of math in daily life.

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Math Development