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Student Spotlight!

We have had a lot of students moving up to the next level of classes already this year!
We love celebrating big and little accomplishments! Our students work so hard while they are here and we congratulate them for being such rockstars!
Special shoutouts to the kiddos who moved up during February!

To celebrate Valentine's Day last month, for weeks students were rewarded with 'nice tickets' when they came to class ready to learn and were kind and respectful while in class. The tickets were put in a bucket and after Valentine's Day a winner was drawn at random. Our friend, Ayden won!
Great job, Ayden!


What's New in the Lab?

More like, what isn't new?
Our new location is getting nice and cleaned up! More furniture will be coming in soon! We are in the process of working on our summer schedule!


For Parents/Guardians

We have received great feedback on the progress of our students recently. Word of mouth and recognition from parents like you helps us grow as a business. If you would like to give a testimonial of how the Learning Lab has helped your student please email it to

Thank you!