Interventionist Tutoring

Is Interventionist Tutoring For My Child?

Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room hires and trains teachers who are committed to the success of the individual student. These specialists are available to your child outside of the group class setting for one-on-one interventionist tutoring sessions. We understand your child studies more than just literature in school, which is exactly why we offer interventionist tutoring as a means to develop well-rounded, successful students. 

We offer private interventionist tutoring in ALL subject areas for students, ages 3-18, who need one-on-one specialized instruction. If your child has trouble learning and making progress in a group setting, or if he or she needs assistance in an area other than reading, this is the right program. The educational guidance you are looking for can be found at Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room.

Private interventionist tutoring sessions are scheduled 1-3 times a week, 1 hour each, and discount packages for on-going tutoring are available. Our interventionists schedule the one-on-one sessions based on the most convenient time for the family. At Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room, we are committed to meeting students at their individual needs, including flexible scheduling. With flexible scheduling and payment options, a tutor is waiting for every child.

Contact us today to discuss an interventionist tutoring plan that is specific to your child.