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8 Ways To Sharpen Your Kid’s Memory So They Can Perform Better At School

8 Ways To Sharpen Your Kid’s Memory So They Can Perform Better At School

If you thought only old people suffer from memory issues, you are wrong. One reason why your child might be falling behind in school is their memory. Parents fail to understand that most kids today cannot remember their lessons not because they were distracted but because they simply cannot recall.

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According to a study, children with higher screen time had lower retention. And in today's world, every child has their nose stuck to a mobile, tablet, or laptop screen. If you want your child to stay relevant in today's technologically advanced world, then you cannot cut them off from technology. You can reduce their screen time, sure, but their memory will be affected.

Parents need to find alternate ways to sharpen their child's memory and cognitive skills to counter the damage done by tech, so their child can perform better at school. Below are a few things you can do.

  1. Play Memory-Based Games

Play card games (like Crazy Eights, Go Fish, War, and Uno) and Matching Tiles with your child and other games that are designed specifically to enhance a person's memory. Also, several memory gaming apps are available on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store, which you can install for your child.

  1. Discuss Happy Memories

Recalling happy memories, visualizing past scenarios and situations, and going through old photographs from trips are great ways to encourage your child to remember.

  1. Let The Child Play The Teacher

A child remembers concepts better if they explain it to someone else, so let your child play the teacher and teach you what was taught to them in school. In order to teach a concept, the child will first try to understand the concept themselves by solving any issues and finding links in their mind, which will help them remember.

  1. Teach Fun Memorization Techniques

Teach your kids fun memorization techniques like memory palaces, mind mapping, chunking, and expression mnemonics or acronyms.

  1. Practice Visualization

Ask your kids to visualize what they are learning. An excellent way to help them practice this is by reading stories and asking them to imagine characters and scenes. This way, not only will they enjoy the stories more, but they will also get into the habit of creating visual backups.

  1. Puzzles And Construction Projects  

Puzzles like Sudoku, crosswords, and word searches help strengthen memory as children start remembering patterns and methods. Also, playing with Legos, wooden blocks, big foam blocks, and building sandcastles and card houses help problem-solving and strategizing.

  1. Encourage Reading And Talk About Books

Reading is a great mental exercise that can improve cognition skills. And if you ask your child about what they are reading and questions about the story, not only will you bond, but your recalling capabilities will also improve.

  1. Make A List Of Keywords For An Idea Or Subject

Guide the kids on how they can use keywords or ideas to memorize concepts. This will also help them make notes for schoolwork. So once they actually get the hang of it, they will be able to memorize things during lessons.

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