27 Jun

8 Mental Math Strategies for Young Learners

Some kids seem to have a natural knack for understanding numbers and solving problems. Sadly for others, math can be a more challenging subject. But one of the most important things young learners can do to improve their math skills is develop strong mental math strategies.

Mental math is the ability to do calculations in your head, and it's a valuable skill for everyday life and formal education. Fortunately, there are a number of different mental math strategies that young learners can use to improve their skills.

Help your young learner set themselves up for success in math class and beyond ...

20 Jun

7 Reasons to Consider Math Tutoring for Preschoolers

Most people think of math as a subject that begins in elementary school. However, the foundations of mathematical understanding begin to develop much earlier, during preschool. Providing preschoolers with a strong foundation in math early on can have a lasting impact – not only on their math skills but also on their confidence level and ability to succeed in school overall.

There are many reasons why parents may want to consider math tutoring for their preschoolers. Here are just a few:

Math tutoring can help your child develop essential math skills

The early years are critical for developing ...

16 Jun

6 Benefits of Teaching your Child Early Math Skills

The early years are critical for developing math skills. Numerous studies have shown that early math skills strongly predict later academic success. Kids who have a strong foundation in early math concepts are more likely to do well in school, both academically and socially. They're also more likely to pursue careers in STEM fields.

So, why is early math so important? Math is the foundation for all other academic subjects. It helps kids develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and enables them to understand and appreciate the world around them. Early math skills also help kids ...

09 Jun

5 Small Ways to Help Build Confidence in Kids

Having a healthy dose of self-confidence is just as crucial for children as adults. Self-confidence is the foundation upon which all other success is built. As a parent, one of the most important things you can do is help your little one develop confidence and healthy self-esteem. Kids who feel good about themselves are more likely to succeed in school and in life. They're also more likely to take risks and try new things. Confident kids are also better able to cope with setbacks and failures. They're also less likely to be afraid of making mistakes and more likely to persevere when they ...

25 May

How to Strengthen Foundational Skills in Reading in Early Childhood

As parents, we desire what's best for our children, including providing them with anything needed to give them the best chance for success in school and life. Because reading is foundational for all other areas of learning, it's only imperative to ensure that our kids have a strong foundation in reading skills.

The ability to read is the key that unlocks so many doors and provides opportunities for growth and success. There are five foundational skills in reading that are essential for reading success: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Phonemic awareness is ...

23 May

7 Benefits of Positive Reinforcement in Kids' Learning

One of the most challenging facets of raising kids is getting them to behave appropriately and follow instructions. This is where positive reinforcement comes to play. Positive reinforcement is an approach that encourages the desired behavior by providing a pleasant consequence after the said behavior is displayed.

Aside from influencing positive behavior, positive reinforcement offers several other benefits, too. This approach has been shown to be an effective tool in getting kids to comply with rules and regulations, and learn new skills and knowledge. It is a key element in successful child ...

13 May

8 Screen-free Activities to Support Virtual Learning

From educational apps to various online learning games and tools, it's no secret that technology has been integrated into just about every aspect of the modern classroom. And while tech can be a helpful learning tool, there is too much of a good thing. Excessive screen time has been linked to everything from poor sleep habits to increased anxiety and depression.  Therefore, students need to take breaks from screens during the school day.

As a parent, you can continue to support your child's virtual learning at home by providing screen-free activities that will help them to stay engaged and ...

10 May

How to Help Kids Make the Most of Digital Learning

With technology becoming more and more prevalent in society, it's no wonder that digital learning is becoming an increasingly popular way for kids to learn. Indeed, using online tools and resources is an excellent way to make the most of their education. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to digital learning, as with anything.

If your child is taking part in virtual classes, using educational apps, or learning from online textbooks, here are a few ways to help them make the most of digital learning.

Encourage them to be disciplined and organized

Like any other learning ...

26 Apr

Color Recognition: How to Get Your Child to Learn Colors

Colors make the world fun and exciting for children, and the ability to identify colors is a significant milestone for them. It is also considered a marker in their cognitive process and school readiness. Because color recognition is a vital part of a child's development, parents should encourage and support their child learning colors.

Introducing colors to young kids can be pretty challenging at first, but it'll be a breeze with these ten tips!

Use color-coded materials

One of the tricks you can use to make color recognition easier for kids is to use color-coded materials. These include toys ...

20 Apr

How to Promote Learning Even at Home: 8 Useful Tips for Parents

As parents, we want to ensure our kids are getting the best education possible. We ensure that they are fully geared up for future success in school and life. While school is a place where a tremendous amount of learning takes place, it's important to remember that learning can happen anywhere, anytime - even at home.

Indeed, learning isn't confined within the walls of a classroom. As a parent, you can also do many things at home to help promote your child's learning. Here are eight tips on how you can promote learning even at home:

Encourage a love for reading

Reading is one of the most ...