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How To Raise A Math Genius

How To Raise A Math Genius

Instilling basic math skills in kids is easy, but it becomes harder for kids to grasp concepts as time passes. You can improve your kids' performance in mathematics by enrolling them in Mrs. Myers' Reading Room virtual math development programs in Wisconsin. Click here for free trial classes.

Aside from getting your kid math tutoring, there are a few other things you can do to raise a math genius, including:


Buy and teach your kids fun games that improve their math skills without them even realizing it.

  • Legos can help kids conceptualize big and complex abstractions from small basic parts.
  • The card game Set provokes the ideas of combinations, permutations, and probability in children.
  • Origami can make kids fall in love with geometry.
  • The board game 'Go' can train and sharpen the brain as, despite the simple rules, the strategies they have to use to win can get intense.
  • Chess is a game that can develop analytical thinking in kids by removing chance from the equation.
  • Magic: The Gathering cards is a competitive game that can teach kids basic arithmetic.
  • A few other games that can improve children's math skills are RPG video games and Pokemon cards.

Everyday Life

You have to get creative to make math fun for kids and instill necessary skills in them without making it seem like 'boring homework.' Encourage them to do everyday math.

  • Ask your kids open-ended problem-solving questions that involve math and estimation instead of the kind of specific questions children have to attempt in school.

E.g., "How long will it take to fill a pool?"

  • Let your kids cut a pizza or pie, and figure out how many slices they will get if they make a specific number of straight cuts.
  • While installing kitchen tiles, let them play with them to understand better the concepts of convergent series, tessellation, and pattern identification.
  • Involve your child in cooking and baking with you. Not only is it a great way to spend time together, but letting your kids measure out ingredients for a recipe can improve their math skills.
  • Get your kids to calculate the standard tip on your restaurant bill whenever you go out to eat.
  • Take your kids to the toy store and let them calculate how long it would take them to save from their pocket money or earn from a summer job to buy it.


If you are short on time but still want to polish your kid's math skills, you can use a few aids.

  • Get your kids music lessons. As unbelievable as the idea may be, there is a strong relationship between music and abstract math. Both require the same skills of quick-thinking, dedication, creativity, and improvisation for success.
  • Buy kids a calculator long before they need them for homework. Kids enjoy playing around with calculators and writing fun words.
  • Download puzzle games and math apps so kids can learn math and improve their analytical and critical thinking skills through interactive applications.
  • Add mathematics books in your home library and encourage your kids to read them.

If you want to improve your child's math skills, contact Mrs. Myers' Reading Room in Wisconsin. Click here to enroll your child in our free trial classes.

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