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7 Math Strategies to Improve your Child's Success in Math

Math can be a challenging subject for many children. Some students are even math-phobic and have significant anxiety when it comes to math, which leads them to avoid any math-related tasks whenever possible. Since math is an essential building block for success in school and beyond, it's important that we help kids build a strong math foundation.

Regardless of your child’s level of learning and developmental pace, math can be mastered with a positive attitude and consistent effort. There are strategies parents can implement to help children succeed in math. Here are seven math strategies that you can use to hone your child's math skills:

Play math games

Learning math doesn’t have to be daunting and nerve-wracking. Math can be fun! All it takes is a bit of effort and creativity! You can inject some fun into learning math concepts at home by playing a variety of math games with your child. There are numerous games available for varying math skills and levels. For example, you can play board games with your child to teach basic ideas about numbers. You may also play “Math Bingo” or “Math Jeopardy”!

Check out a variety of books, or search online for fun math games. In addition to offering excellent ways to introduce math concepts, they can also provide fun parent-child bonding activities!

Create math word problems

Word problems are exercises that require kids to solve math problems in real-life contexts using language. For example, instead of just asking, "What is 5 x 3?" a word problem might say, "There are five people. Each person baked three cupcakes for a birthday party. How many cupcakes did they bake altogether?"

To create this kind of math problem, use basic math terms and numbers, and substitute them with things around you. You incorporate something as simple as laundry! For example, "If one shirt in a laundry basket weighs 2 pounds each, how much will nine shirts weigh??"

Try this approach with your child to see if your little one enjoys solving math word problems. If so, math word problems won't feel so intimidating anymore!

Apply math to real-life situations

Another helpful math strategy is making math concepts relevant in everyday life. This can be done by using all sorts of things in your child’s world as references or examples. For addition and subtraction, invite children to count the number of candies inside a jar, and have them estimate how many more candies they think are needed to fill the entire jar.

Practice with easy problems first

Mastering new math skills doesn't happen overnight. Don't expect too much of your child in one sitting. It's best to present challenging concepts by presenting them with manageable problems that are easy to tackle before moving on to harder ones. This will help prevent your child from becoming easily frustrated or discouraged.

When children solve an easy math calculation, acknowledge their success and congratulate them on their accomplishment. This will help to motivate them to try solving more difficult calculations on their own.

Use technology as an aid

Technology can be your best friend when it comes to strengthening your child's math skills. There are numerous math games and activities available online to make math fun and engaging for your child! Let children complete math puzzles or play math games on their electronic devices to hone their skills in an enjoyable way.

Celebrate progress

Praise can do wonders in boosting one's self-confidence. Children who feel good about themselves are more likely to try harder than those who don’t feel they'll ever be good enough. Be sure to celebrate successes, no matter how small they may be. When kids solve math problems correctly, praise them for their effort and tell them that you're proud of their accomplishment. If they make a mistake or get an answer wrong, assure them that they can do it next time, and be patient with them.

Build up their confidence

Math doesn't have to be scary. Instead of letting math anxiety build up, let children sharpen their math skills gradually by starting small. If they're still struggling with certain concepts, go back a little and work on the basics again before introducing new math ideas.

Math skills are an essential academic component that children need to master to achieve success at school and in their daily lives. Incorporate these math strategies to help boost your child's confidence and success in math!

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Math Strategies to Improve your Child's Success in Math

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