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8 Best Sensory Activities for Preschoolers

There's a lot more to learning than just academics. Just as important as reading, writing, and math are activities that help children develop their senses. Sensory activities are anything that stimulate the senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. These activities are designed to stimulate the senses, and they can be an excellent way for kids to explore their world. Children can learn about texture, temperature, smell, taste, and sound through sensory play. They also help to foster creativity and imagination.

Sensory activities are essential for kids because they help to develop cognitive skills, such as memory and language. They also promote physical development, such as fine motor skills. Sensory play doesn't have to be difficult to set up or be mess-free. In fact, many sensory activities can be done with items that you already have at home. Here are eight sensory activities your little one will love!


Playdough is a popular sensory activity for children of all ages. Kids can explore their sense of touch by squishing, rolling, and shaping the dough. The colorful dough can also provoke visual stimulation, while the smell of the dough can help provide a calming scent. Additionally, many kids enjoy making noise with the dough by knocking it on the table or molding it into different shapes. The possibilities are endless with playdough, making it a classic activity for curious kids. Plus, it's easy to make at home with just a few simple ingredients - flour, water, salt, and food coloring.

Finger Painting

Finger painting is another sensory activity that allows kids to explore their sense of touch. The act of putting paint on their fingers and then on paper also helps kids develop fine motor skills. In addition, finger painting can be a fun way for kids to experiment with color and create cool designs. If you're worried about the mess, try using washable paint or doing the activity outside.

Water Beads

Water beads are sensory gems that provide a sensory experience for children of all ages. The beads are small, colorful, and squishy, making them perfect for curious little hands. Kids can explore the texture of the beads as they squish them between their fingers. They can also use the beads to create designs and patterns. The beads can also be used in sensory bins or water tables. If you're looking for a sensory activity that will keep your little one occupied for hours, water beads are a great option!

Sand Play

Sand play is another great sensory activity for kids. It's perfect for those who love to get messy and explore different textures. Sand play can help kids develop fine motor skills as they scoop, pour, and mold the sand. It can also promote creative thinking as kids design castles, mountains, and other structures. If you don't have access to a sandbox, try using kinetic sand or colored rice. Or better yet, head over to the nearest beach and let your little one explore the sand there while having fun under the sun!

Bubble Play

Bubbles are always a hit with kids! They love to pop them, chase them, and try to catch them. Bubble play is a great sensory activity because it promotes visual tracking and hand-eye coordination. It's also fun for kids to experiment with cause and effect as they see what happens when they blow into the bubbles. You can make your own bubble solution at home or buy it at the store. Then, all you need is a wand (or two) and some blowing power!

Sound Play

Sound play is a great sensory activity for kids who love music. By banging on drums, shaking maracas, or clapping their hands, kids can explore their sense of sound. This type of sensory play can also help promote fine motor skills as well as creative thinking. Sound play is also a great way for kids to bond with their parents or caregivers. So break out the instruments and let the music begin!

Taste Play

Taste play is a sensory activity that allows kids to explore their sense of taste. This type of sensory play can be done with different foods, such as fruits, vegetables, crackers, or cookies. Kids can also experiment with different flavors, such as sweet, sour, salty, or spicy. It can be messy sometimes but this activity can be a great way for kids to learn about new foods and develop their palates. It's also a fun way for parents and caregivers to Bond with their little ones over mealtimes.


Gardening is a sensory activity that allows kids to explore their sense of smell, touch, and sight. By planting seeds, watering plants, and picking flowers, kids can discover the wonders of nature. Gardening can also promote physical activity as kids bend, kneel, and reach for different objects.

In addition, gardening can teach kids about responsibility as they learn to take care of their plants while bonding with their parents or caregivers. So get your green thumbs ready and head outside for some sensory fun!

Exposing your little ones to a variety of sensory activities is a great way to promote their cognitive, social, and physical development. These activities don't have to be fancy. They only need a little creativity and a ton of fun! Try on these sensory activities next time with your little one, and who knows, you might just have fun too!

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Best Sensory Activities for Preschoolers

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