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8 Simple Tips to Improve Your Child's Reading Skills

It is widely known that reading provides numerous benefits when it comes to a child's academic, social, and emotional development. As a parent, it’s important to ensure that your child is given plenty of opportunities to develop their reading skills. From enthusiastic bookworms to more reluctant readers, there are many strategies you can use to help enhance your child’s reading skills. By following these eight simple tips, you can help your child become a more confident reader and cultivate a love for reading that will last a lifetime.

Surround your child with reading materials

One of the best ways to encourage reading and enrich children’s developing reading skills is to ensure that they are surrounded by books and other reading materials, even when they are very young. Find age-appropriate books, and make sure children can access books easily. Place books around your living room, in their bedrooms, and even in your car. The more kids are exposed to reading materials in their immediate world, the more they will be inclined to read.  When they see reading as part of everyday life, children are more likely to develop their own interest in this activity as well.

Encourage your child to read with you

Reading aloud with kids will not only encourage their love of books, but it can also help them improve their reading skills. If your little one isn't able to read independently yet, take time to read a book together side-by-side and point out words as you go along. This will help reinforce how letters come together to form words, which form sentences that tell stories. This activity also provides a great bonding experience between parent and child that allows you to spend some quality time together.

Play games that involve reading

Reading doesn't need to be a solitary activity. There are many fun games and activities children can do with their family or friends that encourage reading. For example, "I Spy" is a great game that enriches children's vocabulary skills as they visually scan text for the answers. Try playing this game with your child at home, in the car, or even while you're waiting at the doctor's office.There are so many opportunities to play this simple yet effective game.

Encourage reading every day

Once children have become used to being surrounded by reading materials, it’s also important to make sure they have plenty of opportunities to enjoy diving into their books on their own. Remember to curb screen time and encourage your little one to flip through the pages of a book each day. They might enjoy reading before bedtime or after school. Whichever time you and your child choose, ensure that reading for fun is incorporated into your family’s daily routine.

Let kids choose their own books

Reading is more fun when kids are given free choices when it comes to choosing their own books and other reading materials. Let your little one pick out a new book from the library or bookstore. Purchase a few classic books, or even visit your local comic book store. Doing so gives kids more opportunities to enjoy reading, and it also helps encourage their lifelong love of books.

Play board games that involve reading

When you spend time with kids playing board games or card games that require reading, it’s another great way for them to learn how to navigate through text. When they are faced with decoding written language in games, it becomes even easier for them to recognize how written text differs from everyday speech.

Reading is a vital skill that is essential for success in school and beyond. By following these simple tips, you can help your child develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

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