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Homeschooling a Preschooler: 8 Handy Tips for Parents

The thought of transitioning to school can be overwhelming for both parents and children alike. In some cases, homeschooling your preschooler can be an excellent option. After all, learning doesn’t have to be confined to only the four walls of a traditional classroom. Learning can take place in your home with the help of a variety of enrichment and learning activities. You can even create a play-based curriculum to make homeschooling a wonderful learning experience for your child.

If you're not sure where to start, here are some helpful tips you can use for homeschooling your preschooler.

Create a schedule that works for you and your family

This may entail some trial and error, but it is important to find a daily schedule that will work best for you and your little one. Incorporate times of day when your child is most alert and energized. For example, if a morning schedule is more conducive to learning in your home, this is something to consider. 

Create an enriching learning environment for your child at home

Learning will be more successful when your child is provided with an optimal environment. Consider creating a learning area in your home and surround it with items such as dry erase boards, books, playdough mats, magnetic letters or numbers, art supplies, craft materials, and more! 

Practice reading together daily

Reading readiness doesn't just happen automatically. It needs to be supported by making reading a daily habit. Reading aloud to children builds their vocabulary, strengthens comprehension skills, improves literacy skills, boosts communication skills, and much more! Find books that are ideal for homeschooling preschoolers. Don't forget to include books with interesting stories and colorful graphics to keep them engaged. 

Work on math skills throughout the day

Math is an important part of our daily lives and doesn’t have to be confined to just the traditional schooling hours. Even if you do something as simple as cooking dinner together or adding the number of jelly beans in a jar, give your little one plenty of chances to develop and practice math skills. 

You can start off by keeping it simple. Choose a small handful of subjects for now. For example, begin with math, reading, art, or music. This will give you time to determine what works best, as well as which subject areas may be more challenging than others.

Show your child how to work independently

You can do this by allowing children the opportunity to explore the world around them without constant supervision. Be confident in your little one’s abilities, and let them make some mistakes along the way. It is through making mistakes that we learn. Allow children to do the work on their own, and then review it with them once they are finished. Give guidance as needed, and provide positive feedback for a job well done.

Give them adequate time to play

Giving kids ample opportunities for play provides an outlet to release pent-up energy and offers excellent opportunities for children to use their imagination and creativity. 

Be sure to schedule breaks from studying for playtime

You can join your little one during playtime or use the time to allow for some independent play. You can also use toys as tools for learning. There are plenty of educational toys you can incorporate into your lessons to make learning more fun and engaging at the same time!

Be flexible with your child's needs

If your child finds it challenging to adjust to the new routine and learning activities, try not to push too hard. See if you can determine the source of the challenges so you can work together to make it easier. This may mean adjusting the nature of the activity, bringing different items into your learning area at home, or trying an alternate schedule. Be open-minded about what works best with your preschooler's preferences. At the end of the day, the goal is to help boost children’s academic readiness and ensure that they are equipped with important skills that they’ll need for their future academic years. 

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