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Ways To Improve Your Child's Math Skills

Ways to improve your child's math skills

Worrying about your child falling behind in class due to the pandemic is not enough. If you really want your child to be back on track at schoolwork, especially in Mathematics, you need to take action. This lockdown is the best time to help your child because once everything resumes, neither you nor your child will have the time to make any improvements.

Therefore, before your regular routine kicks in, get your child the help they need to excel at math. Click here to enroll your child in Mrs. Myers' Reading Room’s free trial classes for kids in Southeast Wisconsin and all over the US

Math is all about practice. The more your child utilizes their math knowledge, the better and faster they will get. Also, they would grasp new concepts much faster if their basics are clear. Thus, it is your job to ensure this happens. Follow the advice given below.

Make them your sous chef:

Letting your child help you with baking is an easy way to teach them two essential skills – cooking/baking and mathematics – and spend quality time with them. Assign them the job to read the instructions, weigh and measure out ingredients, and keep an eye on the timer. This will familiarize with fractions, quantities, cooking units, and temperatures.

Take them grocery shopping:

Take your kids grocery shopping. Encourage them to read product labels, compare prices and brands, find the best deals, and budget. Through this, you will teach your child the value of money and help them understand numbers and prices.

Play math-related games:

Play games with your child that require them to use their math skills like dominoes, cards, memory games, and chess. Don’t tell them the reason for playing those specific games because getting some kid to focus on something in the 'studies' category is hard. 

If your child enjoys playing online games, download some gaming apps for maths learning. Also, get them some math and Sudoku puzzle books to solve.

Encourage them to practice math:

Encourage your child to spend some time every day practicing math, even if it is just 20 minutes. Buy them some fun books that can instill mathematical concepts without boring or confusing them. Give them some quick problem-solving activities, so your child can make use of their math knowledge. For example, ask them to calculate the price of something they want after applying the discount and get them to figure out how much time it would take them to save that amount from their pocket money.

Enroll them in online tutoring classes:

Get your child the tutoring they need from someone who has the right knowledge and expertise. If you aren’t good at math yourself, then instead of clouding their concepts more, get them a tutor. The time you spend time learning the concepts yourself to teach your child will be wasted as your child will fall further behind.

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