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4 Math Apps That Your Child Will Enjoy

4 Math Apps that Your Child Will Enjoy

As a parent, you always try to find ways to make your child's screen time educational in one way or another. Although getting your child to hover around educational apps requires an extra effort in this online education era, the right math apps will attract attention.

As a parent, you will find an endless sea of educational apps, with each focusing on the development of your child's skills. Finding the right app that engages students and boosts their learning is a daunting task that most parents give up on mid-way.

Since online and innovative education is integral to your child's development, math apps help give your child the confidence they're looking for. Here's a compilation that will aid you in your search for the right apps, possibly even making your kid a math genius!

Math Learning Center

Math Learning Center is a great place to begin your search; the website offers ten free apps that rely on visual models for developing a broad age group's math skills. Children from pre-kindergarten to grade 7 can benefit from this app as the visual models help children understand how math functions. From fractions to basic addition, patterns and shapes, the application provides it all to eager children. It is also straightforward and fun to use, as the visual models keep the children hooked, and the app's competitive nature makes them want to score more.

Counting Caterpillar

If you're looking for an app for your preschooler, then the counting caterpillar is the right choice. Your child learns the basics of counting in a fun yet straightforward manner, thanks to the app. The learning evolves from counting by ones and gradually increases concepts involving counting by 2's and 5's.

Having an idea of the basics of counting gives your child an added advantage when they join school and makes math fun for them. The app's creative and colorful nature helps attract your child's attention while teaching them how to identify numbers from 1-10.

Reflex Math

This is one of the best math apps for children aged 7-12. The app helps teach children basic math facts, giving them the math fluency required to do well in school. From understanding multiplication tables to grasping division concepts, the application teaches your kids to memorize important math facts with the help of games.

Splash Math

If you're looking for a comprehensive math app for children aged 5 - 10, then this is the app for you. The app's fun and interactive nature helps children learn math at their own pace. The rhyme-filled, visually appealing app also hones your child's math concepts using day-to-day problems such as counting money or buying groceries.

As a parent, you must remember that math requires attention; solving these fun math questions will help your child gain confidence and eagerness to turn their math on. A little foreign assistance can go a long way in making math fun for your youngster. You can also get help from Mrs. Myers Reading Room in Chicago; we teach kids math skills using fun and interactive methods that help them develop a passion for learning. Click here to schedule a free trial with our professional teachers.

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