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5 Ways Reading Improves A Child’s Health

5 Ways Reading Improves A Child’s Health

Reading to children may sound like an obvious thing to do for many book lovers. Because who does not want to pass on their love for literature to their young ones? However, research has proved that there is more to reading than just spending quality time.

Engaging children with activities related to literacy helps them in their mental growth. In addition to simulating reading abilities, early book reading also benefits a young one's cognitive development. A child that reads with their parents is visibly brighter and more confident than one who doesn't read that often.

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For children, reading and health go hand in hand. Given the significance of reading, here is how it can help improve your young one's health.

1. Acts As A Health Predictor

Research proves that reading is the single strongest predictor of a child's health. It helps determine their academic success, the income they earn, and the job opportunities they will get in the future.

Moreover, story reading for kids helps to instill the reading passion in the young ones. These, in turn, impact their ability to read and make them a confident reader who enjoys the activity. Also, early readers take responsibility and advocate for the rights of those around them, becoming healthy contributors to society.

2. Helps With Medical Problems

Reading makes young children more aware of the society around them. A young child reading a storybook about a character facing similar health problems will make them feel less alone. Moral support and familiarity are critical to a kid's health, making them feel optimistic about their situation.

3. Assures Development

Your child's willingness to read is a crucial component indicating their development. Reading readiness is a vital activity from the age of three; if the child is on track, it means you are doing the right things. You will be reassured your child is on the right track by their willingness to read. Not to forget, reading readiness also indicate readiness to take on the educational challenges that lie ahead.

4. A True Companion

Children are prone to sick days and fevers. Books can be great companions on days like these. They can help fill up time and introduce them to new characters and experiences. It is an added bonus if you are reading together because it gives you great bonding opportunities.

5. Eases Reading Difficulty

Reading difficulty is considered a significant child health concern. Learning to read is as important a milestone as learning to write and read. A child struggling to read can also struggle with behavior, physical health, and emotions.

Also, knowing that you cannot read as your classmates can be quite stressful for a child. This stress can result in anxiety and chronic stomach aches, and physical challenges. That's why experts advise taking your child to a therapist as soon as you notice these difficulties.

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