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How to make virtual learning better than classrooms



No one saw this coming.

It seems schools and parents are involved in this massive experiment of virtual learning. Even when schools reopen completely, digital learning is going to become an integral part of the school experience.

Till then, there are several things you can do to make virtual learning fun for your kids.

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So, how can you make virtual learning better than classroom learning?

Create a learning space

When everyone’s home, there is only so much space to work with. However, to make online lessons truly effective, you need to create a dedicated learning space for your child which is free from clutter and distractions.

This can be something as simple as removing salt and pepper shakers from the kitchen table when your child is engaged in virtual learning, and turn off the TV. When it’s dinner time, you can put away all the school supplies and bring cups, plates and utensils back to the table.

Create Enforce a Schedule

Many kids would like the lockdown to continue as they don’t have to wake up early to catch the school bus.

However, learning requires discipline and planning.

For this, you observe to see your household schedule and then mark out the best times for uninterrupted learning. And then create a schedule that your child can follow. 

If their school is offering online classes, then the children will already have a timetable of subject lessons for the day.

You should also factor in time for rest and exercise. When children get breaks during their lessons, it helps to focus more (see next point). Also, see whether your child likes to work alone or needs adult supervision to get along. Act likewise.

Encourage exercise

Physical activity helps children absorb what they learn. Even a little exercise improves memory, attention and problem-solving capabilities. It is also a great way to reduce stress and prevent anxiety, which is a big challenge for both kids and adults during this pandemic.

So factor in physical activity in your child’s daily learning schedule. The best thing is to work or play together with your kids. You can do this before the schoolwork starts, or during their breaks throughout the day.

Offer accessibility features

There are several assistive features in phones, laptops and tablets. These include speech-to-text features or read-aloud features. If your child is following an online program or if the teachers have recommended a YouTube video, see if you can adjust settings to slow down the speed, or to show captions on the screen. The point is, you need to see which features help you child learn comfortably and enable them on the device or software being used for virtual learning.

Remove Distractions

When kids are home, there are 101 things around them that serve as distractions. These can be video games, TV, social media, toys and even pets. You have had to find ways to reduce distractions during learning time.

Parents need to get tech-savvy as well and use programs that block social media or gaming websites. This way, the children can focus on the online lessons and not be able to log in Facebook, for instance.

That’s about it. These are some of the best ways to make digital learning more engaging for your kids before they head back to school.

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