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How To Get Your Kid Ready For Kindergarten!

How To Get Your Kid Ready For Kindergarten!

Kindergarten is the first formal educational experience in any child’s life. It is an exciting time when a youngster advances from being a stay-at-home toddler to the “big” kid who goes to school! However, moving from one environment to another is not that easy for young children, as the whole process can be a little daunting.

Often children who are not ready for kindergarten end up hating school from the very beginning as all of it seems very forced to them. To avoid creating such conflict in your child’s mind, you must prepare them for kindergarten and the school life that awaits them from an earlier age.

Exploring everyday activities in an in-depth and precise manner and honing your child’s academic skills from a young age helps you develop their mind. The following three activities can help you prepare your child for kindergarten.

1. Establishing Strong Reading Routines

Experts encourage parents to read to their children for at least 20 minutes a day. Reading every day helps you develop language skills. However, since your child will follow a routine at school, you need to schedule the home learning session accordingly.

Please note: a reading routine of at least 20 minutes at different times of the day not only improves the listening and reading skills of your child but is suitable for parent-child engagement too.

2. Exploring Books

While you may already be reading to your child, it is time you start looking at books in a more detailed manner. Give your child the opportunity to look at the images and the message behind the storybook. Also, give them an idea regarding the book’s composition. Let them handle the books and turn the pages to develop interest. This creates a passion for learning and a sense of responsibility for making reading a habit.

3. Encouraging Talking Sessions

Speaking to your child regularly increases their exposure to the language. The more they understand language, the better they’ll perform at school. Ask them how their day was and how they feel while sharing your thoughts too. You will be surprised to find how expressive your child is and how many new words they learn each day.

To test their skills, ask them what they’re up to when they are performing a task. You will see how excitingly they express themselves while performing an important task. Frequent interactions and discussions are the best way to teach a language to your child.

While these measures will help you prepare your kid for kindergarten, you may want to consider professional assistance in some cases. Lucky for you, Mrs. Myers' Reading Room provides Wisconsin residents the opportunity to instill a passion for learning in their youngsters from a tender age.

Our kindergarten readiness program is designed specifically for preschoolers learning to read and talk. The program emphasizes sounds and word formation to give your child a feel of what’s coming ahead. For more information about the available program types, connect with us today! You can also enroll your child in a free trial session.

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