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Math Milestones For Kids By Age

Math Milestones For Kids By Age

Your child learns about mathematics long before they start school. Indeed, every time they count their toes, make them discover the shapes or ask them to show you which of their towers of blocks is the highest, you are awakening your little one to mathematics.

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Following is the math milestone guide for all parents trying to align their child's mathematics knowledge by age.

Mathematical skills acquired between 0 and 12 months

  • 0 To 4 Months
  • The baby can tell the difference between an image representing 2 points and one with 3 points.
  • He is surprised when a puppet jumps more than usual.
  • He observes the size, shape, and color of objects.
  • 5 To 6 Months
  • The baby can see the difference between a pot full of water and a half-full pot.
  • He is surprised to see three toys when there should only be 2. This is the age where analytical and comparative skills develop.
  • 7 To 12 Months
  • The baby takes the objects at his disposal to make a whole.
  • He can stack blocks to make structures (e.g., towers) or nest containers, one inside the other.
  • From the age of 9 months, he can tell the difference between 2 large sets of toys, even if the sets contain almost the same number of toys. For example, he may notice that a collection of 8 toys is different from a group of 10 toys.

Mathematical skills acquired between 1 and 3 years.

  • The toddler begins to name numbers.
  • He can learn to recite the numbers from 1 to 10.
  • He tries to count using the numbers, even if the numbers are not in the right order.
  • It includes some notions like "near", "next to", "above" and "below".
  • Around two years old, the toddler knows that one remains when one object is subtracted from 2 things.
  • He also knows that when 1 item is added to 2 items, there should be 3 in all.
  • He can group objects with similar characteristics, such as the same shape, the same size, or the same color.
  • He begins to use the words "more than," "less than," and "equal."

Mathematical skills acquired between 3 and 5 years.

  • The child can recognize and name the circle and the triangle. The square and the rectangle are added around four years old.
  • At three years old, he can tell how many objects there are in a set of 3 without counting them (e.g., three fingers).
  • Likewise, at four years old, he does it for a group of 4 objects, and at five years, for a set of 5 items.
  • He begins to create shapes with materials.
  • Around four years old, when he counts objects, he knows that the last number he said answers the question, "How many objects are there?"
  • He begins to trace or draw specific figures.

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