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8 Ways to Motivate your Early Reader

The importance of reading in learning and early education cannot be overemphasized. Reading helps children develop early literacy skills and rich vocabulary and foster a love of reading. As a parent, it can be difficult to motivate your child to read or keep that early momentum going. So, how do you spark your little one's interest in words? Read on for some helpful tips to motivate your early reader!

Make it a habit

Just as with anything else in life, making reading a regular habit will help your child get the most out of it. Carve out certain times each day for reading. Choose a time when your child is alert and fresh, such as right before bedtime. Then, make sure it becomes part of your daily routine until it becomes a habit.

Let them choose their books

Giving your child some choice in what they read will help keep them engaged and interested. Instead of providing them the books to read, it would be a great idea to encourage them to pick their reading materials.

For example, you can take them to your local library or bookstore and let them browse through the selections. Or, give them a few book choices before bedtime and let them decide which one they want to read that night.

Make it fun

Just like anything else in life, children are more likely to be drawn to something they find fun. Try making reading time into a special activity that is just for them. Turn off all distractions such as the TV and phones, and create a relaxing and comfortable environment for your child to read in.

You can also make reading interactive by asking your child questions about the story or characters after reading. This will help improve comprehension and engage them further in the story.

Make it relevant

One way to capture a child's attention is to make the reading material relevant to them. Find books about topics your child is interested in, such as dinosaurs, princesses, or outer space. Support their interests instead of imposing your own. If your child is learning about plants and animals, for example, get books about those topics from the library.

Give them a goal

Setting goals for your child regarding reading can be very motivating. Have them try to read for a certain amount of time each day or week, or set a goal to read a certain number of pages. This will give them a sense of accomplishment and encourage them to keep reading.

Reward them

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to motivate a child is to give them a little incentive. Try rewarding your early reader with something they enjoy after reading a book.

This could be anything from getting an extra hour of playtime to a small treat like ice cream or candy. Just be sure not to overdo it and make rewards become expectations instead of incentive.

Let them read to you

This one is a twofer: not only does your child get the satisfaction of reading to someone, but they also get to learn from you. Ask your child to read to you for a certain amount of time each day and provide feedback on their reading skills. Point out things they're doing well and give suggestions on how they can improve.

Model proper reading habits yourself

The best way to show your child how essential reading is? Model it yourself! Be a reader yourself and let your child see you enjoying books. This will help them develop a love of reading early on in life.

These are eight great ways to motivate your early reader! Using some or all of these tips can help your child get more out of reading and foster a lifelong love of books.

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