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How to Make Homework Fun for Kids

Is homework a source of stress for your child? Do you find yourself constantly bugging your child about homework? You are not alone. Homework is a common source of battles for many families. As a parent, there are several things you can do to help reduce homework stress and alleviate your child’s feelings of dread about the daily homework routine. The trick is to make homework time fun and enjoyable. So how can you make homework fun for your child? Read on to learn about seven tricks that will help you make your little one’s homework routine less overwhelming and more fun!

Consider using incentives to motivate your child

Doing homework isn't fun for most children. However, when you make homework into a game, it will make the experience more exciting and enjoyable. Consider offering children incentives and rewards.

For example, you might consider taking your child to do a fun activity after homework is done. If children enjoy playing video games, you might allow them to play their favorite game for an extra 30 minutes once they finish their assignments. If your child enjoys sweet treats, how about offering ice cream as a reward? Whatever the incentive is, make sure it's something your child will look forward to.

Make homework a family affair

You can make homework time something your entire family can enjoy together. You might be surprised by your child’s excitement about completing homework together with you. Consider making this time fun by playing brain games. When you take on the challenge together, your child is more likely to work faster and enjoy the time spent together.

Create a schedule for homework time

Homework time doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out process. It’s important to establish a routine and daily schedule when it comes to homework. It’s also best to avoid giving your child too much work at one time. This will only lead to additional stress and homework avoidance..

Limit the amount of work being tackled at one time to ensure that your child is more likely to look forward to it instead of dreading it. Once homework time has ended, you may consider taking your child outside to have fun. If you make homework time something children look forward to, they can anticipate enjoying fun activities that can enhance the entire daily experience.

Help kids with their homework

Children need our help sometimes too. There will be times when your child may not fully understand a homework problem or question, and it's essential that you're there to offer assistance and guidance. Don't let your child sit there feeling confused and struggling. Take time to help children grasp concepts so they'll be able to do it independently in the future. Doing this will help your child become a more confident and independent learner.

Provide breaks in between tasks

In addition to setting a schedule for your child, it’s also important to allow your child to take breaks periodically. In addition to giving kids chances to relax their bodies and minds, breaks also help keep their minds fresh, which will boost overall productivity. Allow them to choose from a variety of activities for each break such as having a drink, going outside, or eating a snack.

Consider finding a homework buddy

If your child is having difficulty getting started, sometimes it’s helpful to invite a friend to come over to tackle homework together. Sometimes this helps kids feel motivated to initiate homework. It can also make doing homework more fun and enjoyable. Just be sure to set some rules ahead of time. Once they’re done, you can give them some snacks.

Turn homework into a game

Homework doesn't have to be boring. How about turning homework time into a game? A great way to do this is by creating flashcards for your child’s various subject areas. Then, compete to see how many cards can be fished out from the deck in a matter of minutes.

When the prospect of homework is daunting or boring for  children, try following these simple tips for making homework fun. Before you know it, homework time will never have to feel like a chore again!

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