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Teaching Reading To Your Little One – How Young Is Too Young?

Teaching Reading To Your Little One – How Young Is Too Young?

Most people learn the significance of teaching reading to the little ones only when they practically impart the knowledge. Contrary to popular perception, reading is not something that comes naturally to us humans. The art of reading is a complex one that requires proper attention and the development of various strategies.

Remember that most children are not the same; they have their weaknesses and strengths, which means you have to employ different strategies to get them reading. Reading involves understanding the relationship between letters and their pronunciation and awareness of phonemics, which a child may find difficult at first.

At Mrs. Myers' Reading Room, we help develop children reading habits in Southeast Wisconsin, by offering the services of our expert teachers and professionally trained digital trainers. We believe that the initial development in your child's education goes a long way in fine-tuning the child's future academic achievements.

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While the professionals at Mrs. Myers' Reading Room are there to help you out with your child’s initial development, the onus rests primarily on you. If you take the art of teaching reading, you can carve a good base for your child's development.

Here is how you can teach your kids to read from a young age.

  • Read At Home

This may sound clichéd but reading to your child does wonders. While some start reading to the newborns, this helps instill a love for books in them. That’s why you should also try reading at least 2-3 books a day, even if the child is extremely young. Once they grow older, you can sit for an extended duration to read together for 20 minutes each day.

  • Songs And Nursery Rhymes

Children's songs and rhymes are cute and fun; they also help your kid understand syllables and sound. This can eventually help them in reading. A great way to enhance phonemic awareness is by clapping rhythmically while reciting the songs. This fun and playful activity help in developing literacy skills that set your kids for success in reading.

  • Be A Good Example

A child's fascination for books dwindles very quickly if he/she does not see you reading that often. You should make a conscious effort to read in front of your children, sit on the couch beside them when they play with Legos, and read your favorite book. Share this blog with your partner, too, since a united effort is required on this front.

  • Play With Letter Magnets

Understanding vowel sounds can be a little tricky for children. Letter magnets can be beneficial in such a situation, prepare them on the fridge, keep the vowels on one side, and ask your young one to arrange the word using the magnets.

Remember that you can start working on your child's reading habits right after their birth. A united effort at home combined with Mrs. Myers' Reading Room's expert advice in Southeast Wisconsin, can get your child ready. Click here now to learn more about our services today.

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