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How to Encourage Good Reading Habits in Your Kids

As parents, we want to give our children the best we can whenever possible. We have hopes that our kids will be happy and prosperous in every way. One of the things that will set them on the path to future success in reading. 

Reading is an enriching and nourishing experience for children. Encouraging good reading habits in your home can help boost your little one’s language and literacy skills, expand vocabulary, and improve attention span. Through reading, children are introduced to the world and exciting knowledge that their eager minds soak up. The stories and information they absorb from reading will be with them for life, no matter what path in life they choose.

With your help, your child can start developing good reading habits at home. Read on for some helpful tips to encourage reading and help you raise a child with a lifelong love for books. 

Create a reading area

Children who grow up in homes filled with books and other reading materials tend to be more interested in reading themselves. To encourage this, it's an excellent idea for parents to create a designated reading area or corner in the home where children can curl up and dive into their favorite stories. After all, when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work!

Make sure your home’s reading nook is cozy and inviting. Ensure you create a corner where your child has access to a vast selection of books and reading materials he or she can enjoy. 

Set a positive example

When kids are small, they look to the adults in their lives and follow their lead. If we want our children to love reading as much as we do, then we must carve out time for reading as well. 

Whether you enjoy reading books or magazines when your child sees your passion for reading, it will inspire him or her to fall in love with reading too. Instead of spending hours scrolling through your phone, checking social media, or binge-watching TV and movies, you can set a positive example for your little one by spending some of your own free time reading. Or better yet, consider making reading a parent-child bonding activity in your home. 

Take a trip to the library or local bookstore

Another excellent way to entice children to read is by giving them a say in what they read. If you want your child to be engaged in reading, let them choose a book or other reading material of interest. Let your little one decide which one to read first. You may find that having the power to make this choice will increase your child’s enthusiasm for reading exponentially. This love of reading can bring numerous benefits down the road. It's amazing how much young readers can improve when given some freedom over how and where they do so!

It’s also a good idea to take your child to a local library or bookstore so he or she can pick out books that pique their interest. 

Make reading part of your daily routine

Another great way to encourage reading with your child is by establishing a daily routine. You may start by allotting 30 minutes to an hour each day for activities that include bedtime stories and other story-based games. Spend time enjoying books that will allow children the opportunity to read independently.  

As you devote time each day to reading with your child, encourage your little one’s learning by asking questions about the story or pointing out various details on each page. 

Fill your home with reading materials

Providing children with a vast array of reading materials allows them to find something they love to read. Ensure your child has easy access to books and other exciting reads all over your home, not just in the reading corner. In addition to increasing your child’s interest in reading,  it will also help demonstrate that reading isn’t limited to just within the four walls of the classroom. 

Reading is an integral part of every child's education and overall learning and development. Encourage positive reading habits with your little one with these ideas. 

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